The Incarnation Of Jesus Is Proof That God Loves Us

Christmas is a beautiful season.  The color, the music, the festivities.  It’s a beautiful season.

But set all that aside… Christmas is about God, our heavenly Father, coming from heaven to earth.  God knew that mankind had to have a Savior and, that Savior had to be perfect.  A human being wouldn’t work because they had to be without sin.

So, God sent His only Son… think about that… God’s ONLY Son was sent to die for our sins.  I have three kids.  I wouldn’t want to give any of them… but God gave His ONLY son… Jesus came to earth … He took on human flesh.  This is called the incarnation of Christ.  Jesus is God in the flesh.

As we move closer to Christmas, think about the incarnation of Christ.  God loves us so much, He sent His only Son to this earth to die for our sins.  You may have some family issues.  You may think no one loves you.  Jesus does.  If He didn’t He wouldn’t have come to this earth.  The incarnation of Christ is proof that God loves us.  Thank you Jesus!


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