Saving The Private Ryan’s Of This World

Yesterday,  I watched the movie “Saving Private Ryan”.. again.  You are likely familiar with it but in the event you aren’t, there are four Ryan boys who are in the military.  Three of them have died.  The Defense  Department wants to save the only remaining Ryan son so, a group of soldiers, led by Tom Hanks (I forgot his character’s name), are assigned with the task of Saving Private Ryan.

So, they head out  across Europe searching for Private James Francis Ryan.. Consider  how difficult that was… there are thousands and thousands of soldiers and lots of terrain to cover but. their job is to find and save Private Ryan.

As they search for Private Ryan, they lose one of their men.  As a result, some of them begin to question if it’s so important for Private Ryan to live?  They lost a friend, trying to save Private Ryan.  But they continue on.

Finally, they find Private Ryan and they indeed save him but their leader dies… saving Private Ryan.    I’ve watched this movie many times but today, it hit me…. there are millions of spiritually dead Private Ryan’s in this world.  And what are we doing to save them? We aren’t  doing nearly enough, I can tell you that.

Many times we are arguing about some kind of change that has been made in the church to help us save some Private Ryan’s.  At other times, we are using money that could be used to save Private Ryan, on stuff that doesn’t matter.  The army literally designated a group of men to find Private Ryan.  We live in a world of people who, like Private Ryan, need to be saved.  What are we doing?  What are we willing to do?  Are we willing to do whatever it takes to save the Private Ryan’s of this world?  I hope we are.

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