A Tribute To Sarah On Her Graduation

Sarah Alice…

Today, you walk across the stage @ KSU and receive your College diploma.. Momma & I are very proud of you.

It seems like yesterday I was dropping you off for school at Vancleave Elementary.

It seems like yesterday, I was taking you to dance and tumbling at Reba’s Rascals.

It seems like yesterday that you were having Tay Tay over to spend the night.

I remember when we surprised Momma on her fortieth birthday. You sang “Thank you” in church. You did a great job and Mom and I both were proud!

Sarah, you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. You have always cared about others. You did’t just look out for yourself.

And, when you were in the skit of “Butterfly Kisses,” at FBC Vancelave, I thought today was a long ways away. But time has flown.

Sarah, I am thankful you have a strong walk with the Lord. I am thankful that you want to be in church. I am thankful you have such a heart for kids. I remember when you helped Diane Fuller with children’s church.

You have a great future. Somewhere, there is a child that is going to have Mrs. Potts for their teacher. That child is going to need patience and love and direction and you can give them all three.

When they call your name today, I will stick my chest out a little and shed a few tears cause my baby girl is graduating. I am very, very proud of you.



Sarah Alice

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