We Need To Have More Grace For Minister’s Who Are Struggling

I’m going to share my heart on something that I’ve had on my heart a while. I’ve never blogged or posted on this…for fear of being misunderstood. But, if I’m misunderstood, so be it.
Last week, Mark Richt stepped down @ UGA @ was hired @ Miami by the end of the week. Last year, Will Muschamp was fired by the University of Florida, Coached a year at Auburn as Defensive Coordinator and today was introduced as new Head Coach @ South Carolina. Good for both of them, especially Coach Richt. A coach can get fired at a School, but most of the time, they will be re-hired.
Bobby Petrino is a good example. Petrino had a fall from grace, sat out a year, was hired by Western Kentucky and now is at Louisville. You can make a mistake but, in time, you can get back on your feet.
A politician can lose an election but can run again a few years later and win. And, if they don’t win an election again, many are hired as lobbyists. Again…. Good for them.
I’ve been in the ministry for thirty-four years and one thing I ‘ve noticed is, it can take a Minister a long period of time to be re-hired. Now, I know there are times when the reason the resignation was necessary leads to a period of counseling and recovery. But many times, that’s not the case…. There is no moral problem…. No legal problem.
Still… even if that is so, it can still take a long period of time before a Minister can find a job. It strikes me that, the one organization on earth (the church of Jesus Christ) that SHOULD display grace to people who are struggling often do not display grace. Instead, Christians can become legalistic.
Moses killed a man but led Israel out of Egypt.
Noah got drunk but God used him to build the ark.
David had an affair yet, today, sermons on preached on the life of Kind David.
Peter denied the Lord yet, the Lord used him to preach the first Christian sermon in history.
Folks, Christianity is about grace. We sing about it, we talk about it, we write books about it but at times, we have a hard time living grace. We need to be people of grace.

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