Don’t Be Hating

Recently, I watched, again, the History Channel series on the “Hatfields and McCoys.”  The series was about the storied two families in Appalachia who absolutely hated one another.  As a result, some people died because of this hate.

Hatred is a strong emotion.  To hate someone is not good.  When you hate someone, you are hating a child of God because God created everyone.  I John 2:9 says, “If anyone claims, “I am living in the light,” but hates a fellow believer, that person is still living in darkness.”

Think about that verse… if a Christian says they are living for Christ but they hate someone, they are lying.  You can’t live for Christ and simultaneously hate someone.  Again, you may not care for a person, but that’s different than hating someone.

When you hate someone… you almost want them dead.  That’s a strong emotion.  Do you hate someone?  Is there someone of whom you have said, “I despise the ground they walk on?”  If so, you need to do a heart check.

Jesus loved all people.  We are children of God.  If God loved all people and we are followers of God, we must love as well.  If there is someone that you are crossed up with,  why not go to that person and make it right?  Or, at least try to.  As children of God, we shouldn’t hate anyone.

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