Do We Care?

This past week first lady Melania Trump made the news with a surprise visit to our southern border. It was stated that she wanted to see first-hamd the children who were being detained at the border. But what made the news was not so much her visit, as a jacket that she wore.
I’m not debating the jacket… But the message on the jacket was “I don’t care do you?”
Years ago the Psalmist said, “I looked to my right and there was no man that would know me….no man cared for my soul…” (Psalms 142:4)
Do we care?
Do we care about people that aren’t believers? Do we care about their eternal destiny?
Do we care about people who are hurting?
This past week, people were moved by images and sounds of children being stipped from their parents on the southern border. As a result, action was taken…. Some said, “I am all for securing the border but, we are better than this” and we are.
So, this morning, do we care.? Do we care for the unsaved? Do we care for the hurting single Mom? Do we care for the person who has made some mistakes?
Do we care for the abused and broken?
Do we care enough to adopt a child that a lady is about abort?
The Psalmist said, “no man cares for my soul.” May we be known as people who care.

Jesus Should Make A Difference In Our Lives

Following Jesus should make a difference in our lives….

After attending months of Bible Study, a man approached the pastor and said that he wanted to be baptized and become an active member of the church. The pastor asked for some details of the man’s conversion. “How can you be sure that you really want to become a Christian?” he asked. To which the man replied, “I just feel that something good has come into my life that I never before experienced.”

“But can you be more specific?” the pastor inquired.

“Well,” the man said, “I can’t talk theology to you. And I still don’t know my Bible very well. But I can tell you this: I work in housekeeping in a downtown hotel. And ever since I got religion, I don’t sweep dirt under the rug anymore!”

Neither should we. Jesus should make a difference in our lives.

Don’t Let Pride Be Your Downfall

Someone has said that “pride is the mother of all sin.” It could be. Pride has prevented lots of people from asking for help. Pride has kept people from admitting they made a mistake.
In II Kings 5, there is a story about a man named Naaman. Naaman was the commander of the army of Aram but, Naaman was a leper. The king of Aram heard about a prophet in Israel who had power to heal. So, the king of Aram sent Naaman to ask for help.
When Naaman arrived to talk with the king of Israel, initially the king dismissed the request because he knew he didn’t have the power to heal. But the prophet Elisha heard this conversation and offered to help. So, Naaman stood before Elisha.
Elisha told Naaman to dip seven times in the Jordan River. Naaman took offense to this because he thought Elisha would do something on a grand scale to heal him. But one of Naaman’s aides stopped him and encouraged him to reconsider. Then, Naaman dipped seven times in the Jordan and was healed. But, Naaman almost let his pride prevent him from being healed.
Is pride preventing you from dealing with the bitterness in a relationship? Is pride preventing you from asking for help? Is pride preventing you from inviting Jesus into your heart?
Today, maybe you need to set aside your pride and ask for help or grant forgiveness and move on.
Richard Nixon won a land-slide in 1972 to be re-elected President of the United States. Shortly after his election, the watergate story broke. Nixon was asked to hand over some personal recordings and he wouldn’t do it. He eventually resigned. Most historians believe if he had simply admitted he made a mistake, the American people would forgive him and he would remain as President. But, he wouldn’t and he resigned in disgrace.
Don’t let pride be your downfall.

“Laughter Is The Best Medicine”

I LOVE to laugh. I love to hear a good joke or enjoy fellowship with other Christians. Laughter is good for us.
According to an article at…” Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.”
So, laughter is good for us. Proverbs 17:22 says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”
It’s good for us to laugh.
So, do you laugh a lot? Hopefully you do. It’s good for you.
Laughter can ease the tension in a room.
Laughter relaxes us.
I encourage you to learn to laugh at yourself. We are all human… we make mistakes… none of us are perfect. Be secure enough to laugh at your mistakes… laugh at yourself.
The late Jerry Clower used to finish many of his concerts with the words, “I have made arrangements to miss the one place on earth where they ‘ain’t gone be no laughter.. and that’s hell..”
So, laugh more.. it’s good for your spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Allow God To Search Your Heart

Have you ever asked God to search your heart? I mean, like a physical exam, have you ever had a spiritual exam? Over the past two years I’ve askes God to search my heart numerous times and, when He doea,I become aware of sin that needa confessing.
Having a spiritual physical is not pleasant because the Holy Spirit points out sin or attitudes that are wrong. As you become aware of the sin in your heart, it can and should burden you but, the good news is, Jesus forgives us of all sin. There is nothing in our heart Jesus won’t forgive.
Psalm 139:23-24 says,”Search me, O God, and know my heart;
test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.”
I encourage you today to ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart and help you draw closer to God.

I Was Filled With Pride

(Periodically I’ve done posts where I am transparent and bear my soul. I do this hoping it may help someone. I bear my soul today.)

During the last two-years-and-four-months,God has been working in my life. God has convicted me of sin in my heart and had shown me places where I was wrong. God is growing me.

One area where God is convicting me is pride. Someone told me my heart was filled with pride. I admit, I got angry at first. I know some people that I felt were filled with pride but I wasn’t one of them,or so I thought. But I was.

I read a little book entitled “From Pride To Humility”and it spoke to me. I encourage every Christian to read it. My heart was filled with pride.

For example; education is Important me. I have a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry degree. I was proud of that. But the Lord says, “Big whup….that means nothing to me….what’s your heart like?”

There are other areas where my heart was filled with pride but, in all honesty… I don’t feel comfortable sharing those.

As the Lord convicted me, I thought of others that I felt were filled with pride. The Lord said, “You don’t worry about them; you follow me.”

In the Sermon-on-the-mount,Jesus said, “blessed are the meek…”

Psalms 138:8 says, “Though the Lord is great, he cares for the humble,

but he keeps his distance from the proud.”

I’ve shared this in hopes it may help someone. It hurts me to share it. It embarrasses me to share it. But, I felt led to so hopefully the Lord uses this to speak to someone.

If your heart is filled with pride like mine was, I encourage you to humbly confess it and ask God for forgiveness and He will do it.

God Lifts Us When We Can’t Sing

I love music and I love to sing. But there are times when, even if I like a song, if my heart is heavy or if I’m burdened down about somethimg,I have a diffivult time singing.
This happens at times in church. Maybe theee is a beautiful sing being sung….a song that I really like….but I try to sing and I can’t becauae my heart is heavy. Possibly you have been there.
Psalms 137:4 says, “How can we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land.”
The people of Israel were away from their home-land and had difficulty singing. Their spirits were low because they were in a foreign land.
Maybe your heart is heavy today. Maybe you are burdened down. Maybe you have lost a job or, your marriage is struggling or, you know someone who is sgruggling and your heart is heavy for them.
If you are burdened down and can’t sing, the Lord knows hour heart. The Lord knows your heart and your concern. He alone, can pick us up.