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Being Content

September 3, 2015

Are you content? I mean, are you happy with what you have or, are you always wishing you had a little more? If you are like many people, you struggle with contentment. I confess, I have struggled with it.
Contentment means being happy or satisfied with you have. You are satisfied with your house… even if it’s not as large as others. You are content with your vehicle… even if it has high mileage. You are content with your job… even if you don’t make what someone else makes. That’s contentment.
But contentment can be hard to come by. We are taught and told that we should strive to live the American dream and the American dream normally involves more. Ecclesiastes 5:19 says, “To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life—this is indeed a gift from God.” Notice, the words… “…to enjoy your work and accept your life…” That means contentment.
If we are constantly looking at what others have, we will have a hard time being content. Think about something; how many pieces of clothing do you have in your closet that you seldom wear? You probably have several pieces. And, think about all the stuff we have. Do we need it all? Probably not.
Paul said in Philippians 4:11, “I have learned in whatever state I am in to be content.” Today, try to be happy with what you have. Does your vehicle run? Will it get you from point A to point B? If so, be thankful for it and roll on. Do you have enough clothing for what you do? If so, be thankful for it and stop dwelling on what you don’t have.
There is an old saying that if you were to ask someone how much money they need their reply would be, “Just a little bit more.”
Today, join me and try to be content.

Power To Face The Tough Times

September 2, 2015

Serving Jesus… living for Christ.. can be tough.  Jesus never promised that it would be easy.  We made that up.  No, living for Christ is tough.

Living for Christ may mean doing  without at times.  Living for Christ may cost you a friend or friends.  Living for  Christ could cost you a job.  Living for Christ could cause you to experience criticism.  Ok, everything I just type is discouraging, right?  Yep, it is.  And, when we face the things mentioned above, we can easily get  down… get discouraged… maybe even want to quit.

But, the apostle Paul faced worst times.  In II Corinthians 12:3-10,  Paul said, “We live in such a way that no one will stumble because of us, and no one will find fault with our ministry. In everything we do, we show that we are true ministers of God. We patiently endure troubles and hardships and calamities of every kind. We have been beaten, been put in prison, faced angry mobs, worked to exhaustion, endured sleepless nights, and gone without food. We prove ourselves by our purity, our understanding, our patience, our kindness, by the Holy Spirit within us,[c] and by our sincere love. We faithfully preach the truth. God’s power is working in us. We use the weapons of righteousness in the right hand for attack and the left hand for defense. We serve God whether people honor us or despise us, whether they slander us or praise us. We are honest, but they call us impostors. We are ignored, even though we are well known. We live close to death, but we are still alive. We have been beaten, but we have not been killed. Our hearts ache, but we always have joy. We are poor, but we give spiritual riches to others. We own nothing, and yet we have everything.”  

So, the apostle Paul faced everything we might experience plus some.  I’m not minimizing what you  may be facing.  I’m simply saying we are not the first to hurt for Christ.  So, today. if you are going through a tough patch and you are trying to hang on, know that Paul went through times as well.  The Lord will be with you.

Arguing With God

September 1, 2015

There is a scene in the movie “Rudy,” where Rudy asks the Priest something about God.  The Priest responds, “Son, I’ve learned two things in ???? years of theological study; 1)There is a God and, 2) I’m not Him.”

I agree with the Priest.  There is a God and I am most definitely not Him.  Yet, because we know God exists, we want to know Him.  We want to learn more about Him.  We want to understand why things happen.  And, we may even at times, want to argue with God which is foolhardy.  After all, we are human and God is divine.  God most definitely has an advantage on us.

But even though God is divine, we can, at times, begin to think we know as much as God or, that God owes us an answer.  In Job 40:2, Job said, “Do you still want to argue with the Almighty? You are God’s critic, but do you have the answers?” Then, Job adds, “I am nothing—how could I ever find the answers? I will cover my mouth with my hand. I have said too much already. I have nothing more to say” (40:4-5).” 

Even though we are human and God is divine there are times when we think we should know more or, that God owes us an explanation.  God is the sovereign creator of the universe.  God made us.  God doesn’t owe us anything.

Isaiah 45;15 says, “Truly, O God of Israel, our Savior, you work in mysterious ways.” (NLT)

Maybe you are arguing with God.  Maybe something happened and you have begged God for an answer.  Maybe you have even gotten angry with God.  Wherever your find yourself, please remember what Job said; We are not God’s critic… we do not have the answers…”

I’m sure there are lots of things you have questions about.  I understand.  I do as well.  But, I’m going to believe what I know and take what I don’t and ask  God when I get to heaven.

My Message Yesterday; “Once Saved, Always Saved.”

August 31, 2015 <p><a href="">Once Saved, Always Saved</a> from <a href="">Gregg Potts</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>”>http://

Once Saved, Always Saved from Gregg Potts on Vimeo.

Dear Miley Cyrus: “At What Price Fame?”

August 31, 2015

Dear Miley Cyrus:

Well, you did it again.  You succeeded in getting all kinds of attention and publicity from the way you were “dressed” at the VMA’s.  I didn’t watch the show.  I had an idea of what to expect so I watched a movie “When The Game Stood Tall.”  But, from what I’ve seen, you may be outdid yourself.  You almost had nothing on.

Miley, I know you do this to get attention and publicity and those things sell songs on itunes etc… but is it worth it?  I mean, young lady, you are getting lots of attention but at what price?  You are basically selling your body to make money.  I mean, there isn’t much difference in what you are doing  and in  being a prostitute.

So, I guess a good question for your is, “Miley, at what price are you gaining fame?”  Yeah, people know you.  Yeah, you are making lots of money and you probably have a mansion etc…  But you are doing it by basically taking everything off.  When you have kids, assuming you have a little girl, do you want her to do the same?  Ok, maybe it doesn’t bother you what your children do, but it should.

So, Miley, “at what price are you gaining fame?”  Next year, do you have to go naked?  Well, come to think of it, you are almost there now.  Miley, take a moment, back away and think about what you are doing and realize  that fame is fleeting.  Fame is not worth the price you are paying.


Gregg Potts

Be Ready For Judgment Day

August 31, 2015

If you want to get a good conversation going among  Christians and especially Pastors, mention judgment day.  The reasoin is, there are different ideas on how judgment day will take place.  While there are different ideas one thing we know; there will be a judgment day.

Paul said in II Corinthians 5:10, “For we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly body.”  So, everyone is going to be judged.  So, question… are you ready? If the Lord were to play a movie  that contains your whole life, would you be embarrassed or ashamed?

How are you living your life?  Are you following Christ or, have you gotten distracted?  Are you tithing?  Are you reading your Bible?  Are you involved in a local church?  We will all be judged, so we need to live our lives knowing that one day we are going to face judgment.  So, you might ask, “What do I need to do to be ready?’  First, put Jesus first.  Live for Christ.  Second, find a local church and get involved.  Jesus started the church. and loves the church.  We should love it too.

I’m reminded  of this little poem…

“Only one life will soon be past,

Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

Make sure you are doing things that will last and will matter on judgement day.

“How Great Thou Art!”

August 30, 2015

      Today is Sunday, a day of worship for many.  We worship Jehovah God, the creator of everything.  Job 34:14-15 says, “If God were to take back his spirit and withdraw his breath, all life would cease, and humanity would turn again to dust.”

      If God were to withdraw his breath… “all life would cease.”  That reminds us of the sovereignty of God.  Genesis 1:1 says “In the beginning God..”  That verse tells us that God existed before anything else and God created the heavens and the earth. We worship the creator of the universe.  We worship God who spoke and all the worlds came into order.  We worship the God who created human life.

      As the old song goes…

      “O Lord My God, When I in awesome wonder;

        Consider all the worlds Thy  hands I have made.

       I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,

       Thy power throughout the universe displayed.

       Then sings my soul, My Savior God to Thee;

        How Great Thou Art! How Great Thou Art!

       Then sings my soul, My Savor God to Thee.

       How Great Thou Art, How Great Thou Art!”


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